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Change of the project of Jira issues



we have different projects in Jira, so the issues are not in one project. Sometimes an issue changes its project (e.g. issue A-11 changes to B-12). The ID of the issue in TestRail is still the the old ID. Is it possible that these changes in Jira are direclty also made in TestRail?



Thanks for your posting. That’s unfortunately not possible to do automatically as TestRail wouldn’t really know when a JIRA issue changes its ID. I believe this can only happen if you move it to a different project, is that correct? You would then also need to update the issue references in TestRail as the second step and you can find a list of affected test cases via the Cases > Coverage for References report from the Reports tab (just enter A-11 and TestRail would list all test cases with this issue ID).

I hope this helps!



Yes, this happens, when the project of the issue is changed. I will try to get an answer from Attlassian if there is a possibility to report such issues from Jira.


Yep, sounds good and please let me know in case we can help with anything!