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Change Multiple Test Cases


If you have a few different test cases with the first few steps the same and you want to change that, is there a way to change all of them at one time? Or can you change just one and apply those changes to the other test cases without individually changing every single one?

For example: The first step of 20 different test cases is 1. Go to, but now you want to change it to 1. Go to Is there a way to change it on all 20 different test cases at one time?



Thanks for your posting. One way to do is to use the XML export, change the step(s) in the XML file (for example by search & replace in your case) and then re-import the test cases with the “Update existing test cases” option checked. It is also planned to add mass-edit support directly to the UI (similar to how you can already mass-add multiple test results, for example).



Thank you for your help!


You are welcome!



I just wanted to express our interest in a bulk update feature. We’re finding that too much time is wasted without it.

Please implement ASAP!


Hello Bryan,

Thanks for your feedback on this. I’ve added another vote to this feature request list and this feature has a high priority for us as well. I don’t have a time frame for this currently but it is planned to look into this for one of the next larger updates.



Hi Tobias, is there any new with requested feature or using still using work around with reports only?


Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your reply! You can bulk change test cases with TestRail’s bulk edit feature:

That said, to change just a single set of steps across multiple test cases (without modifying the other steps) still wouldn’t be possible with this feature. Multiple steps are still considered a single field in TestRail, so modifying one step would always modify all steps on any test cases selected via the bulk edit feature. The best recommendation would be to use TestRail’s XML export/import feature to perform such bulk edits as needed.

Hope this helps!