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Change jira issue resolution?


It has to be possible, but i could not find how, lets say i linked a testrail test to a jira issue, if the test fail is there a way to set the jira issue resolution to not fixed ? and if the test passed to fixed ?

Thanks !


Hi Charles,

Thanks for your posting! If you set up the integration between TestRail and JIRA, you can quickly jump to the issue in JIRA and change it directly in JIRA. This would be the recommended workflow and you can add additional comments or details to the JIRA issue in this case. This also works the other way around, i.e. if you mark the issue as fixed first and would then like to retest tests. Linked tests & results are shown on the issue page and you can quickly open them in a new tab and then change the status in TestRail (or retest them directly):



Okay thanks ! was wondering if there was an automatic way to do it, but since it seem like the best way to do to manually we will try it that way ! thanks


You are welcome, Charles. A manual approach is usually recommended as this allows you to selectively decide if you really want to change the status and maybe add additional details (comments, screenshots, etc.).