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Change background color for certain rows in "Test Cases" view



is there a way to change the background color for certain rows in the “Test Cases” view based on some criteria?

For example I got 1000 text cases and 100 have the priority “Very High”, 200 “High” and the rest is “Low”.
The table rows of all test cases which have the priority “Very High”, should be colored red, “High” should be orange and “Low” should be yellow.
This should also work for other criteria like custom fields wihich contain different values.

This would increase the usability and navigation if you have many test cases.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your posting. Coloring or emphasizing cases/tests in the tables is currently not supported as a built-in feature but I agree that this would be useful to have. I’ve just added this to our list of things to look into, thanks! It might already be possible to implement this with a UI script in the meantime but this is difficult due to the dynamic nature of the test suite/run pages: