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Case IDs are increasing exponentially

I’ve noticed my Case ID’s getting very large and I can’t account for it. This morning the first test case created was C4000029. I checked all projects and we’ve added 31 test cases today. When I create a new test case, it is at C4021763. There’s definitely no way we added 21,734 test cases and no one noticed. I randomly started searching for test case ID’s between those numbers and it says they don’t exist. Any idea what’s increasing my CaseID’s? They’re starting to get really difficult to talk about in meetings “test case number C4021763”.

It feels like a bug. Are new CaseIDs being generated when I record test results or maybe when I close Test Runs? Has anyone else noticed their numbers artificially inflated like this? I’m on the cloud version, BTW.

Do you have a lot of test runs? Every test run creates a copy of the original test case.

I have about 25-30 test runs per day across all projects. Some of them contain a large number of cases. It seems weird that it would add a new test case ID record every time a case is added to a run instead of just a new test record (T######). Especially since I can’t query those Case ID - except the ones that are explicitly added by a user.

Creating a new test case is the only way within the infrastructure to keep the history of the tests (Txxxxxx) separate from the base test case (Cxxxxx). The only time the Txxxxxx cases are created is when the copy of the test case is created for the test run.

That’s helpful! Looks like we will increase C##### by about 50,000 daily once I start running more tests in parallel.

@brad hi! i have the same issue and found, that testrail would freeze and work more slowly than usual when case DB would increased so much. Thats why i am tryin to keep that table not more than 500 000 rows by deletion old testplans/and/or/testruns.