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Case ID incrementing inconsistently


I recognize that these are auto-generated and not configurable, but I’ve noticed that they’ve been incrementing oddly when I’ve been adding new cases.

Originally they would increase normally (i.e. if I added 200 cases, they’d be ided from 1 to 200). Now, when I create new cases the ids will be super high. For example, I just added one and its id is 36722, despite only having ~270 cases in my project.

What’s weird is the increment is fine for the day (if I add a new one today it’ll be 36723,etc.). But I fi resume tomorrow the ID will be offset really high again.

Should I be considered by this tremendous offset? Everything still works fine, for the ID is still unique but I’m at loss for understanding the technical reason for why the case ID is jumping so high all of a sudden. If this keeps happening am I going to hit some sort of upper limit?

I should note that I do have automation piping in results each night, however my code is NOT adding new cases (it’s just adding new results to existing cases), so I don’t think that should cause the case id to increment.


Hi there,

Thanks for your posting! It’s normal that the case IDs increase over time and there can also be jumps in case IDs from time to time. The IDs are based on the database IDs and the database engine might skip certain IDs and this cannot be influenced by TestRail. TestRail also “uses” IDs when you close test runs as this will create internal case copies for archiving purposes. The case IDs are still unique and serve the purpose of uniquely identifying a test case.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for the quick reply Tobias! Just wanted to make sure everything was ok under the hood! Thanks again.


You are welcome, glad to help! :slightly_smiling: