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Case Fields - Customizations - Re-ordering



When I am on the following page: admin/custom/overview and trying to re-order created “Case Fields”, clicking on the up/down arrow - performs no function.

Using Chrome and I am an Admin.

Any Help Appreciated.


Hi Chrissie,

Thanks for your post! I wasn’t able to replicate this behavior in TestRail Chrome.

The issue you described would usually indicate some kind of JavaScript issue. Can you replicate this issue in a different browser in incognito mode with all add-ons or extensions disabled?
Can you also let me know if this error occurs for any other users on your team?

Please keep in mind that the fields are grouped into sections based on the size and type of the field, so larger text fields would not be movable into the ‘Top’ section and would always remain in the ‘Bottom’ section. Similarly, it would not be possible to move smaller fields such as date fields into the ‘Bottom’ section.

Hope this helps!