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Can't see testrail activity on Jira


Hey everybody,

My company and I have TestRail server version up and running at the moment. We have attempted integrating Jira with our account, but we’re currently having issues with test results feeding into the TestRail page on Jira. The following is what the page looks like:

My IT guys are stumped. We have added integration URLs and linked Jira accounts. Clicking “Go to TestRail” from Jira even directs us to the correct place. If I were to guess, it has to do with the Jira admin allowing certain user roles on Jira to see the info, but we adjusted those settings without success.

If you have any feedback as what could be the issue, please suggest.



Hi Mario,

Thanks for your posting! Could you check if there’s a mismatch between HTTP vs. HTTPS of JIRA and TestRail? For example, do you access JIRA via HTTPS and TestRail via regular HTTP? If so, browsers wouldn’t render the TestRail part by default and TestRail would need to use HTTPS as well in this case. You would see a “denied” or similar error message in the browser’s developer console in this case (Ctrl+Alt+I or similar in Chrome). Can you check this please?