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Can't see attached image at a test case



When i upload and attach a picture to a test case i’m not able to see the picture.
The only thing what i can see is a broken image symbol.

When i click on it, the loading symbol appear, but nothing happens now.

The attachement directory has the right 755 and the owner is www-data.

I’m also able to open the picture directly on the server with a picture viewing tool…

Please help me, to fix it.



Hi Markus,

Thanks for your posting. Can you please check if your config.php file in TestRail’s installation directory starts with <?php or has additional characters before that (maybe invisible characters like a BOM)? My guess is that the config.php contains additional characters which are added to the output before the actual images are served.




It works now! Fine! Perfect!
I’m happy now!



That’s great to hear, Markus, happy to help :slight_smile:



Hi Tobias,

I am have this same issue with a X icon appearing in-place of the image. I have followed the suggestions from above without success. It still looks to be a permissions issue any suggestion on what else to check?


Hi Solomon,

Thanks for your feedback! If you copy cases from a different project and this includes screenshots attached to this project, you also need read permissions for the original project to see the screenshots. You can alternatively re-attach/re-upload the screenshots and this would only require read permissions for the new project.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Currently, I received reports/comments from my teammates that some of our test cases do not have screenshots, however when they try to edit it, to attach screenshot, they found out that there are already screenshots. It’s just they were not able to see it. No broken image icon or any other icon is present.
see snips below:

we try other user account to view the particular test case and they were able to view the screenshots. they are using the same browser (mozilla)

Hope you can give light on this.



Hi Tobias and Team,

I think we already found the reason - access related issue. we found out that the test cases were from other projects were a particular user do not have access. that’s why he/she can’t view the image.



Hi, Tobias. I have this topic problem. I check config.php, but image
Please help me, to fix it.


Hi Maks,

If you’ve followed the above steps and are still having issues with your images not displaying, I’d recommend reaching out to the TestRail support team at Please provide the details about your server set up (OS, PHP version, TestRail version, etc.) and we’ll be happy to assist.