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Can't push defects from Testrail to Jira

After configuring the Jira Integration, the connexion from Jira to Testrail was working wonderful ( we are using two jira Instances) Then we tried to push defects and we became this errormessage:
Plugin “Jira_REST” returned an error: Connection timed out after 30000 milliseconds
My colleague told me there are some problems with the Proxy and Testrail couldnt send the request to Jira. I tried to re-reconfigure it with the specific project integration and made everything step by step. It doesnt work, that´s why i am asking here, do we need to check any proxy specifications or there is another fixe for it?


Hi Anass,

Thanks for the post! The error message you are receiving would indicate your TestRail instance is unable to connect to your Jira instance’s API, either due to a network issue or firewall/proxy restrictions. I see you also emailed us regarding this, so I will reply to your email so we can gather additional server information to help troubleshoot and resolve this.


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Hey Jon,

Thanks for your fast answer! We will try to fixe it and give you a feedback :slight_smile: