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Can't integrate with JIRA


I’m trying to integrate TestRail with JIRA, but I keep getting the following error:

Plugin “Jira_REST” returned an error: Invalid HTTP code (502). Please verify the address of your JIRA installation in the configuration settings and that TestRail can reach your JIRA server.

I’ve checked the access logs for our server, and we’re not receiving any requests. Additionally we have other external services which do integrate with JIRA and they work fine.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your posting! Sure, happy to help with your question.

The problem is that you are trying to connect from a TestRail Cloud account to JIRA that is installed on your private network. For the full push/lookup integration TestRail needs to be able to connect to JIRA. If this is installed on your private server behind a firewall, then such a connection isn’t directly possible out of the box. To use the full integration, you would have the following options:

  • Make JIRA available for connections over the Internet (I recommend talking to your IT team for this; we can also provide the IP addresses of our servers so you only need to approve our IPs for connections)

  • You can also install TestRail on your own local server and we can provide the necessary details for this

  • If you just want to try the full integration for now, you could maybe also temporarily set up a hosted trial version of JIRA just to try the integration:

Please note that this only affects the Push & Lookup feature and the JIRA add-on can still be installed and used:

I hope this helps!



While I appreciate the attempt to help, did you read my message? We have other external services which are integrating with JIRA just fine. It is only TestRail which is failing.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your reply. Yep, I read it of course. It’s just that the 502 error indicates exactly this issue and this means that TestRail cannot reach your JIRA server. Did you specify a local IP for the integration under Administration > Integration or a hostname that can only be resolved within your network? We are happy to review your configuration if you can send a screenshot to our help desk at