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Can't filter by "Milestone Introduced" when Milestone is "Closed"


I was in the “Test Suites & Cases” section in a particular Test Suite. When I tried to filter on “Milestone Introduced”, the selection only included currently open Milestones.

When I re-opened a Closed Milestone, I was then able to filter on that Milestone.

I would like to be able to see which tests in my suite were introduced in which milestones…but can’t if the Milestone is closed.

Is this working as expected?


Hello there,

Thank you for your post. In this situation, we would recommend running the Milestone Summary report. This would allow you to run the report against closed milestones and you would be able to see data regarding that specific milestone.


That doesn’t quite solve my problem. The Milestone Summary report only allows me to see info on one Milestone at a time.

My use case is to see all My tests Cases, sorted by what milestone they were introduced, regardless of whether that Milestone is closed or not.

Guess I’ll stick with my current workaround of not closing Milestones until Gurock addresses this common use case.



Thank you for the response. Keep in mind that ‘Milestone Introduced’ is a custom field that was created in your TestRail instance. This is not one of the default fields that we include. That being said, if you have this field set with say ‘Milestone 1’ and you select the ‘Milestone Introduced’ field in your filter and then filter based on that option, TestRail should display all of your test cases that have that field set with that specific value.


Sorry, I’ve not been clear - I’ve been saying “Closed” for a Milestone state, when I meant “Completed”

What you describe works for me - filtering by Milestone - as long as “Milestone 1” is not “Completed”.

If you “Complete” your “Milestone 1” on the Milestones tab, then that Milestone is no longer shown in the drop down filter list on the Test Cases tab - even though all of the test cases in “Milestone 1” are still in that Test Suite. There is no way to filter for those test cases by Milestone unless you open the Milestone.

For example - the Filter drop down menu with the 6.1 Milestone not marked as Complete.

Going to the Milestones tab and marking the Milestone “Completed”:

Hit Save. Go back to your Test Suite and filter by Milestone Introduced.

The “Completed” milestone (6.1) is not in the Milestone drop down filter list any longer. Why is that filter item no longer available?