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Can't figure out how to publish test results in Java using API


What is the structure to send multiple test results using the add_results API.

I have HashMap with one entry. Key is “results”, value is a List of HashMap objects. Each HashMap object contains two entries representing a result.

For example a result would be HashMap with:
“key” = “test_id”
“value” = {the test ID in test rails}

“key” = “status_id”
"value = {“5’ for failed, or “1” for passed”};

I’ve put all my results in a List, and the I’ve put this list in a HashMap with key “results”.

I get an API error:
APIException: TestRail API returned HTTP 400("Field :results cannot be empty but no valid tests or cases found")

What is the correct way to put the results? Your API example only show Javascript notation.


Please close. I found a solution in a different thread. I was using the wrong method


Hi Jesus,

Thanks for the update!