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Can't edit or delete test case results from a test run?


I have setup a Project and inside that project I have imported some test cases and started a test run. I have then performed testing by adding results to each test case in that test run.

However I was unable to find a way of deleting and/or editing the test results? Is there a way to delete and edit the test results? I have a screenshot but cant seem to upload it here as im a new user. It shows that I can edit the two that I created today but cannot delete any of them or edit the one I created on the 23rd of last month.


No - the history can’t be deleted but you can add in as many results as needed the reports will report the newest result. Editing can be done but the period of time to edit is configured in Administration settings. Administration --> Site Settings --> User Interface.


Thanks @BGanger, that is correct! Instead of editing a result, you would simply override it by adding a new result instead. This way you have the full transparent test result history and the latest status would be counted for the status statistics only.


Thanks for the info @dgurock and @BGanger. i have changed it to unlimited editing :slight_smile:

I may be a bit of a unique case as i’m using TestRail to perform and manage application security testing. The reason these questions came up may mean that i am not using TestRail correctly so maybe you can suggest a better way!

I think my problem is that with security testing some of the test cases could have multiple results. For example:

“Application does not defend against business logic flaws"
"Application is vulnerable to an open redirect attack”

So in one web site there may be several business logic flaws or multiple open redirect attacks. So in this case should i be making the test case less general somehow instead of adding multiple results to the same test case? Or should i just add all the issues into the one test result? Which for what i am trying to do is not ideal.


Basically it depends on the approach you have. I for myselfe use BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) for my tests.
I have a feature and that feature has different scenarios. e.g.:

Feature: Login
A user can login on this page by username and password

Scenario: Login with valid data
–> Given… When… Then…

Scenario: Login with valid username but no password
–> Given… When… Then…

Scenario: Loging with valid username and no valid password
–> Given… When… Then…

The scenarios can go on and on. I imagine you could have the feature “Login Page” and then the different secnarios for security tests around that page.
You want to test 1 thing per scenario and not several things. You have a “Given” (State), “When” (Actions) and a “Then” (Result).

For further reading, consider the following pages:


I would find a “Delete Test Result” useful too. I added a pass result by mistake, so the only way I can fix this is to add my extensive fail results again, which is a bit inefficient :frowning:


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your feedback! Adding a new result to override the incorrect/accidental result would be the recommended approach for this, as you would still have the transparent history of the test, and TestRail reports/statistics would always use the latest result. You can just add a comment to the latest result if needed to provide any additional context as to the multiple results entered. Hope this helps!



This makes no sense if you have an In Progress status as you can’t move it from In Progress to it’s new status without adding a new result and having to update all of the test steps back to the point where you stopped running the test. Needs resolving.