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Can't delete Test Run


I have created test run to check something, passed/failed few tests. And now I want to delete it - but I don’t see a button for this. Where is it?
And the same for test plan.


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting. You can delete test runs/plans (and other objects) on their edit pages. Just click the Edit button when viewing a test run/plan and you should see a red delete link in the sidebar. If you don’t see this link, your user account doesn’t have the required permissions to delete this object and you would need to ask your TestRail administrator to look into this.



I am administrator and I don’t see such link - sidebar is empty.


Oh. It looks like role settings overlapped the fact that I am administrator. I added more permissions to my role and now I see it.



You are welcome, Konstantin! Yes, the role and user permissions are independent of the administrator status.



My right panel after clicking Edit button on Test Run & Results is empty. How can I delete a test (sample) test run?

I setup myself as administrator and role of a lead with delete privilege for Runs and Plans. But still I can’t see the delete option when I edit a Test Run & Results.



I am having the same issue. Also, if I was able to see this, could I delete just one test run from a test plan?


same here :frowning: