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Can't delete attachment from my test case now that is installed @tienle355 #testrail-discussion in:title

I was working on test cases (copying earlier version of test cases and updating them for new scenarios including deleting out-dated attachments).

Can’t do that anymore per “Insufficient Permissions”.

Noted that Background Task - Last Run: 3:10pm. … just got installed

Any feedback is appreciated.

I’m going to ignore this problem for now and just upload new attachment and perhaps delete later.


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Weird that it works fine for others while that one and copies of the problematic test case remains to be a problem. Not a big deal.

Sounds like the folder where the attachments are saved on the server do not have the correct user permissions…

Are you using the Cloud or server version of TR?

Facing same issue - on some cases not able to modify/delete attachments, while as for some it works fine… again this is been started after upgrade of

We are having the same issue, unable to modify / delete attachments since we have moved to

Experiencing the same issue:


images are also not displaying, even when the link is in the description.

Hi Everyone,

Glad to join you guys here.

please any help to get equipped with Jira basic trainings, I’m actually new to the system. I love what you guys are doing.





This is a known issue. Please check out below threads for more update on this issue.


Any update on this issue ?

Does this also affect version: ?

And does version has a fix for delete attachment issue ?

Please let me know