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Can't delete a case field ("this custom field is currently being installed")


Hello TestRail team,

We want to remove a case field that we don’t use anymore (and its associated data).
The issue is that, when going in “Administration --> Customizations”, there is a little icon near the case field title saying : “this custom field is currently being installed”, and no “delete” icon is availble on the screen for this specific case field.

After nearly a week, the status is still the same, and we still can’t remove the said case field.
I’ve checked the background task, and it runs every minute on the server. Its status in the overview pane is :
“Installed Yes
Status Idle (not locked, 0 messages)”

How could we delete this “locked” case field ?




Hello Bernard,

Thanks for your post! It’s possible that the process didn’t complete when creating or removing the field, and if interrupted it could just be in a frozen state as this usually wouldn’t take more than a few hours at most to complete. Can you also email with this error and include a screenshot of the field under Administration > Customizations so we can have a look? We’ll also likely need to grab some additional details and perhaps check system debug logs to troubleshoot this which would be better handled via email. We look forward to your email!



@bauvigne, did you ever get it figured out? We’re seeing the same behavior. Hoping it is quick to fix.