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Can't add section or subsection


I’m having trouble adding a new section or subsection to my master suite.

Every time I try by clicking the “Add Subsection” links or the “Add Section” button, I see it appear in the navigation tree on the right, but it doesn’t appear in the main list of cases. If I click on it in the tree to the right, I end up in a section titled “Test Cases” and when I try to add cases, it complains: “Field Section is not a valid section.” If I refresh the page, it disappears completely.

If I query the database Sections table, I do see all of the subsections I’ve attempted to create. However, I can’t use any of them from the UI.

This was happening before upgrading to 4.1 and continues now after the upgrade.

Any idea what is happening or a potential workaround in the short term?


Actually finally found a workaround:

  1. Change the tree view from “Selected group and subgroups” to “Selected group only”
  2. Create the new section and immediately select it from the tree
  3. Create a new test case in the section

It seems to me that sections with no test cases are not showing up anywhere. And you can’t select “group and subgroups” of a section that is empty.


Hello Logan,

Thanks for your posting. We could reproduce the issue with the sub-section not being added to the cases list using the section + subgroups mode (we will look into this for the next version). Can you confirm that the other issue (section named “Test Cases” and “Field Sections is not a valid section”) only occurs if you currently have an active filter in the suite/master?



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for confirming!

When I observed “Test Cases” and the error message, I did not have any filter conditions explicitly selected. The only thing I had done was select the ephemeral subsection in the right navigation tree.


Thanks for the update, Logan. We could reproduce the same behavior with filtering enabled in the meantime but we will make sure to look into this again.



So I just realized that although the bar at the top of the test cases says “Filter: None”, one of the fields had been expanded below. Collapsing the field made all of the missing sections show up.


Hello Logan,

Thanks for the additional feedback. This situation may happen if you had a filter configured previously and the field(s) in the filter were removed from the project or deleted. It’s planned to look into this behavior and we already had this on our todo list.

We also already fixed the issue with new subsections not being added to the case list (with the subgroups view mode) and the fix will be included in the next TestRail version (4.2).



I’ve just come across this exact bug again, it seems it has been reintroduced on TestRail cloud. I had the “Selected Group and Subgroups” selected when I added the section, then when I clicked onto the new section I was taken to the “Test Cases” page. Attempting to add a subsection resulted in the message that the parent field isn’t valid. When I switch to “Selected Group Only,” this works again. It’s very annoying. I also keep getting sent back to the test cases at the top of my test suite any time I navigate within the test case tree. That’s even more annoying and I’m not sure if it’s part of this bug or not. The previous guy didn’t mention it.