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Can't access a deeplink URL without authenticating using base url first



We are using LDAP auth for our TestRail instance. When I click a deeplink such as, I am shown the browser’s authentication dialog if I am not signed in already. However, even after I supply the correct credentials, TestRail takes me to TestRail’s login page (which does not work since we are using LDAP auth). I then have to auth against the baseurl and then click the deeplink to access that page.

How do I configure my server instance to eliminate this issue?

Thanks for your help!


Hello Abhijeet,

Thanks for your post! You would still need to login with your LDAP username and password on the TestRail login page even if you have the LDAP integration enabled (and you would only need to log into TestRail once to keep the session open). It’s likely that you have third party cookies disabled in your browser settings which would cause this type of issue. Can you try enabling third party cookies in your browser settings to see if this resolves the issue? Hope this helps!