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Cannot rerun test run, only Test Plan



We would really benefit from having the rerun functionality on Test Run level.
Is there any way to achieve this?

We currently use Test Plans with multiple runs included and when selecting re-run a whole new plan is created, including ALL runs (I suppose all included runs are filtered according to the selection, e.g. Failed).
I would like to apply “Rerun” to only one test run, and this new run to be included in the current plan.


Hello Malte,

Thanks for your posting. There’s currently no direct way to do this but I’m happy to add this to our feature request list. It’s already planned to look into copying test plan entries on the test plan form and this would be similar to rerunning test runs in a plan (and adding it to the same test plan).

Thanks for your feedback on this!



Yes, please add it to your feature request list.
It would make life a bit easier for us. :smile:



Added to the list, thanks, Malte!



This is something our company would be interested in too. Can you add another vote from us.

We would love to be able to move or copy test runs from test plan to test plan. It would save us tons of time.



Thanks for your feedback, Mark, added to the list!




I am also facing similar problem. Actually i want to run only those test cases which are failed, untested and blocked in previous plan. Currently when rerun the plan and uncheck passed and rest of options remain checked but newly created plan contain all the Testcases including passed.

Is this some thing known issue ?

Note: I am working on TestRail v5.3.0.3603


Hi Zaid,

Thank you for your posting. TestRail would only include tests that match the status that you left checked. If you wouldn’t mind sending a message to along with screenshots of the steps you are going through, we can better address this.



I find the ‘Rerun’ feature is very useful for certain scenarios.

I’m facing with an issue and need help here. In the source test plan (TP), there’re multiple configurations, within each configuration there’re multiple runs which might have same or different test cases assigned. On creating the rerun, the ‘Passed’ checkbox is unchecked. In the resulting new test plan, any test not yet ‘Passed’ in the source TP run will show up as expected; however, same tests (ie. from same test case in the master repo) previously ‘Passed’ on other runs within the same configuration will also be shown, with ‘Untested’ status. I expect any tests ‘Passed’ will not show up here, regardless of in same or different configuration.

Is my expectation valid? or am I missing something in the process of creating a rerun?