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Cannot Log in to the Test Rail through Jira?


Has anyone ever seen this issue before?

All config completed as instructed, not sure what is going wrong


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your post! Just to clarify, are you attempting to log into TestRail from within the TestRail for JIRA add-on, or are you just attempting to access the built-in JIRA integration from within TestRail? The most common issue that we see with the add-on is when third party cookies are disabled in your browser settings (as JIRA wouldn’t be able to retrieve the authentication details from TestRail). So we would recommend just ensuring that this is still enabled in your browser settings, or trying a different browser to verify this. If you’re still unsure, you can also send us a screenshot of the error you’re experiencing via email directly to, and we’re happy to help troubleshoot the issue. Hope this helps!