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Cannot find test configuration function


I just signed up for a new TestRail trial account and now wanted to set up a project today. But I cannot find the configurations (different operating systems for example) as shown in video or anywhere. Also there is nothing about “Test Suites” in the menu. I’m logged in as the single user that was created when signing up. I changed my right to designer already. shall I do other setting? Is trail version allow us to use test configuration function?


I believe Configurations are available when you create a Test Plan. Test Suites is the repository of all tests that can be chosen for Test Run or a Test Plan. Configurations are only used when running tests - not when creating the repository of tests.

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When initially installing the project, you are asked for the configuration of the project (with or without test suites).

Hey Vivian!

Thank you for posting and welcome to the community! You can access configurations from within a Test Plan once you add a Test Run. Just create a Test Plan under the “Test Run and Results” tab and click Add Test Run on the right hand side. Once this is done, the configurations button will appear. Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like:

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!

As people replied, you cannot manage configurations directly but have to go through some tricks by creating a plan, then using that plan to manage the configs. It is very unintuitive and all that. The TestRail UI is a bit like that in general, takes some getting used to…

Really appreciate for everyone’s help!!! :slightly_smiling_face: Finally I found the configs in test plan. I am curious, Any reason or benefit to manage config in test plan not separately as test cases? Because this is my first working in pure software field. Forgive me if I ask silly question :blush: