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Cannot copy a value from test step from the bullet list

Hi TestRail support,

I faced an annoying issue, I cannot copy values from the bullet lists. Instead of copying the drag and drop is activated. Tried on both latest Google Chrome and Firefox.
I cannot say when the problem was exactly introduced, but 2 months ago everything was fine.

All our tests are using bullet lists.


  • create a test step and put a text “- Some action”
  • save it
  • try to copy a value -> drag and drop active, copying a value is not possible

Are you aware of this problem?


Hey Alex,

Welcome to the TestRail Community and thanks for your report. We were made aware of this issue here and we’re currently looking into it.


I noticed this too. It was very recent. With the latest TestRail update. At first I thought it was saving it but it doesn’t, even it you move a bullet to another spot.


Yup, our team is looking into it. Please stay tuned for more updates on this issue.