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Can you share test cases between projects

can you share test cases and results of test runs between different projects?

As far as I know, projects are defined to be independant from each other.
The privileges are defined per project and you can’t access entities across projects.

The only cross project functionality I remember is to copy test cases (definitions) from one project to another, like a combined export and import (means you get new cases) - sharing is right now not possible.

That is really frustrating as it just increases the amount of tests in your libraries. Are there any plans for this to be added in the future?

I’m absolutely with you and agree.
There are some older posts for it as well.

Place a feature request for it, get some votes, wait for the support to realize the request and wait even longer for a hopefully practical solution. :innocent:

kwirth, how do I place a feature request?

I am new to TestRail and this forum.

I’m not aware of a real defined feature request process.

  • Probably this post is already enough.
  • You can add your vote to existing posts.
  • Since some time people like to add new posts having a title like [Feature Request]: … Usually without checking former posts. IMHO annoying for a forum, but perhaps the right way to get feedback.
  • Sending a mail to the support, but this is not public. Probably good for BIG customers with a huge number of licenses.

Up to you, sorry if this sounds … :innocent:

Hello all,

Thanks for the post. As @kwirth mentioned, projects are intended to be completely separate and for the moment there is not a way to share runs/results between multiple projects. We do have an internal request to look into adding this type of functionality in the future, but there are many aspects of the tool that will need to be rebuilt before this would become available. For now, I have added all of your feedback to the existing request.

There isn’t a formal feature request submission form (at the moment) but we do create and add feedback to requests for any relevant forum posts and email tickets we receive, so reaching out to us here or directly contacting support at are the best ways to offer feedback or suggestions for improvements.