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Can you default the References field for a Test Suite/Section


I am attempting to relate Jira stories/requirements to test cases written. I have set up the reference field to link the Reference field in TestRail to the Jira story. What I was wondering is there a way to have the Reference field automatically populated to a specific story/requirement id while a user is creating a test suite or section? Or will the test creator have to type in that id every time?:confused:




Thanks for your posting. You can use the bulk-edit feature in TestRail if you want to update/set the References field for multiple test cases (and set it to the same value). Just select the test cases in question (e.g. entire section or suite) and click the “Edit” button (in the toolbar when viewing a test suite) to open the bulk-edit menu. You can then select the “Edit selected” item to edit multiple test cases at once.