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Can you customize your activity feed on the overview page on your project?

Hi all,

First time on here, so apologies if this has been discussed already.

Just wondering if there is way to adjust what information is displayed for activity feed on the overview page of your project?

To give you some context, I’m an QA manager with a team of 3 QA and each QA would create new test cases or edit current ones and I would like to see an activity feed of all these changes. The activity feed shows the progress of test runs/test suites that’s not what I would to see, the problems we have is related to test planning/design creation of test cases rather execution of them.

Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.



Hey Chris - welcome :slight_smile:
I don’t know of a way to change the activity feed on the overview page, but you can set up a report to run daily to see this information. Go to Reports and select “Activity Summary” under Cases. You can filter, add / remove columns to get the data you want - run it daily, weekly, on demand - however you like.
Hope that helps,

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Hi Chris and FranC,

You could potentially use UI scripts for this but we wouldn’t be able to directly support this and you would need to work with a developer.

TestRail Community Manager