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Can you customize columns for Test Cases?


Id like to add another column to the test cases… So far i’ve only seen the steps and the results columns… Id like to add a test data column as well… Can this be done?


Is this for data that the tester will use in testing?


Yes, like user names and passwords… We also like to keep track of URLs that are page specific or if a search is conducted, what are the fields they used for the search per test.


The general way they support test data is either attaching a file to the case or using the markdown for matting in the Preconditions and creating a table of the needed data:

Using a table means that the tester can copy/paste data from the table.


Thanks! I’ll give the tables a try :slight_smile:


Hi Gabriella,

We usually recommend adding test data to either the Step or Expected Result fields but it can also make sense to add it to Preconditions or a separate dedicated custom field.

I hope this helps!



Adding to this we would, also like to add a 3rd column as well.
We have a large amount of tests with multiple test steps and different data for each step.
I can merge some columns in Excel, however a 3rd column, Test Step, Test Data (this is different logons, data, programs to run).
On a 30+ step test scenarios having all this data at the top or bottom would be a pain
I understand too many columns would look ugly on a screen, but the flexibility of a 3rd would be great, when needed.



Thanks for your feedback, Stuart, that’s appreciated!