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Can you combine 2 statuses to get 1 type of results. So we have 2 statuses one is pass and 1 is custom which is auto pass. our automation scripts will change the status to autopass and manual tester will change it to pass


we have 1 project
In this project we have testcases that are marked as automated and manual through the default fields provided by testrail
For test run results we have created 2 custom statuses autopass and autofail
So the thing that we want to achieve is create a single test run which will have both manual and automated test cases, But when the automation scripts run, the status of the automated testcase will change to auto pass but the % above written is 0% passed. So, is there a way to let’s say, if the status is autopass the testrail will consider it as pass and the manual type test cases will be changed by manual testers to pass or fail. is this a bad practice.

Because what i suggested is, We don’t create custom statuses but we create 2 test runs for each project one is manual test run which will have manual test cases and second is automated test run which will have automated test cases. So the statuses that we can use are pass and fail only.
And for populating the automated test run we can use the filter to populate lets say for automation test run i want all cases from this project which are marked as automated and do same for manual test run.

Suggestions Please?