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Can you charge our customer for access to our TR instance?



Our customer would like access to our TestRail Cloud instance, but we’re not prepared to pay for their users’ access. Is there a way that the customer’s users can be separately charged for? It would be administratively very difficult and time-consuming for us to have to calculate what the customer owes for their users’ use of TR - as that would depend on the number of active users and which subscription level applies.

Perhaps this could be done be setting up a separate TR instance for the customer, that would allow them to have access to our TR instance?

Thank you.


Hi @geoffg,

Thanks for your posting. The billing for a single instance cannot be split across multiple parties so you would need to manage this on your end. The receipts would include the number of active users and if you know the number of users of the other team, you could charge your customer for those users in return. A separate TR instance for the customer would also have a separate database and it wouldn’t be possible to link two instances to the same database.