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Can you add a tooltip when hovering over a Test Case Title?


You have this very nice feature of displaying a tooltip when hovering over a Test Run name. This helps in identifying the full name of the run if lengthy. I would like to add a trivial feature request to have a tooltip displayed also for hovering over a test case title. Often, we have so many columns added, that this field will be cut off and we have to display each individual test case to determine the entire title of the case.



You can currently hover on a test case title when viewing the test case itself and it will show the full title. However I see how this could be useful on the test cases view if you have a lot of column, so we would be happy to look into this!


It has been a year and I don’t think this is technically too difficult - can we triage this request in?
We have a lot of long test titles and it would be very helpful if we could just see the full title with a hover-tooltip before deciding if that’s the one of interest worth drilling-down into it’s hyperlink.


Hi Liam,

This was introduced with the three-pane view and you can hover over the title in the three-pane view to see the full title:

I hope this helps!



I think @lcorrigan is asking about tool tip on hovering testcase title not on testrun . I can still see that hovering testcase title doesn’t show tooltip .

Anyway I want tooltip here …


Hi there,

Thank you for the suggestion. TestRail would actually give you the option of using FastTrack which adds a third column to the page for you to view the specific details of the test case you have selected.

To invoke this view, you would simply hover over a test case and click the arrow icon to the right hand side of the test case itself.