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Can we select cases that are associated to a defect in the test run


Can we select cases that are associated to a defect in the test run.

Example: If the Round1 testing is completed and I want to run only the testcases (which are failed/blocked due to a set of defects) for the related defects are fixed in the Round 2.

Please Help!


Hi Mahanthi,

Thanks for your posting. It’s not directly possible to base the selection on the defects, but the Rerun feature supports this for statuses. So, if your tests are also set to failed, then using the Rerun feature and filtering by the Failed status would be a good alternative. Would this work for you?



Thanks, Tobias! for the reply.
This process become tiresome if we are handling a large number of testcases and are still in initial iterations of testing and the defect traffic is huge.

Please let me if there will be any future enhancement for this.



Hi Mahanthi,

Thanks for your feedback. An alternative to creating a new test run might be to continue with the existing test run instead. TestRail has several features that make it easy to identify defects for test results. First of all, you can add the Defects and Defects All columns to the test tables and the Defects All column would show all logged defects per test. To see previous defects (related to the same case), you can use the Defects context tabs:

A more advanced feature are the Defects tab per run/plan/milestone and this would also include the current status from your issue tracker per defect:



Hi Tobias,

If we talk about Defects tab I got a question for you. Is it possible to filter this view by test statuses? For example it would be much more visible to remove Passed results from the table and look at defects linked to non-passed tests? Like in example below:

Thanks, Wojtek


Hi Wojtek,

Thanks for your posting. That’s currently not directly available on this page but we are happy to look into this. That said, you could look into using the regular run page (Status tab) and adding the Defects/Defects All column and applying a non-Passed filter. This wouldn’t include the defect status for the issues as part of the table but you can hover over the defect ID for this.



Hi again Tobias,

Thank you for an update. Hmm, I know this feature, but it’s not exactly what I was thinking about. In Status Tab I cannot see status of all defects (we have integrated it with Redmine) what is really essential for big projects, where there are hundreds of tests. Hovering over defect is not effective here :confused:

It would be even better, if you can change results directly from defects tab - it would spare time and you wouldn’t need to open each case to do a change :slight_smile:

Add my vote to those two ideas (filtering and changing results form defect level), they would be really helpful.

Thanks, Wojtek :wink:


Thanks, Wojtek, happy to look into this for a future version :slight_smile: