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Can we quick add to dropdown lists


In my particular case I have a few custom product version fields that I would like to be dropdown lists to ensure they can be searched and used as a filter more easily than when using a free text fields, the users so far have used a mix of cases and padding that is making it difficult to achieve this.

However the versions also change frequently so it would be nice if values could be added on the fly when adding a test result, rather than having to find an admin to add it on our behalf so I was just wondering if there is a way to quick add values to dropdown lists.


Hi Fiona,

Thanks for your posting! We would usually recommend tracking version numbers via milestones instead of custom fields and on the test result level. This has the benefit that you can easily compare test runs & results at a higher level and side-by-side per case (e.g. via the Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab):

If you don’t want to use the milestone entity for this (because you reserve this for larger versions or releases), you can also look into using a test plan instead (which can also be part of a milestone). Using a custom field on the test result level is also possible (if you track build numbers, for example) and we would usually recommend using the free-text field in this case. That said, making it easier to add values to dropdown or multi-select fields fields is already on our feature request list and we are happy to add another, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:



Thanks for the reply Tobias,

We are using milestones for product versions but each product is made of multiple components and we need to record the version of each as the can change independently and frequently so a milestone for each combination isnt practical for us unfortunately. Ill try the dropdown for a while and see what the overhead is like but Im happy to hear an easier way to add values to them is on your list, happy to add my vote to it and hope it manages to get implemented.


Thanks, Fiona. Do you use the same version/build for the entire test run or can the version/build differ across tests & results in the same run? If the former, you can also add the version to the name of the test run for example to make things easier to manage.