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Can we import multiple attachments in respective test cases at same time


We are planning to move all our existing test cases from JIRA to TestRail. We have many test plans/test cases which contains multiple attachments. Could you please let me know if there is any way to export all cases from JIRA and importing it to TestRail with all the attachments.

Right now, we can’t see excel export option in JIRA so we are not sure how can we move all our test cases directly from JIRA to TestRail along with all the attachment.

Note: Our main concern is to move attachments. So, if you can suggest some way to move everything easily in TestRail, will be really helpful for our team :slight_smile:

Hi Aman,

The only method to automate the export/import procedure is to do so via API scripting. However, attachments are always a bit tricky to handle via API, which is why many products with APIs do not support handling of the attachment directly. Typically you will find that the APIs will return a link to the attachment instead allowing the end-user options on how to handle the file type.

Fortunately TestRail has recently developed an API attachment call that can be used here in a custom script to automate moving test cases from Jira to TestRail.

While we don’t have an example script of this. It would be possible to use Jira’s API to get issue information and push test case information and attachments into TestRail. However I’m not sure if Jira yet supports exproting the attachment via API so there may be some extra coding needed to take the Jira attachment link, download then pipe through the TestRail script.

Alternatively if you can move the files into a separate hosted service where the attachments can be linked. The links can then be imported into the TestRail via API or CSV.

Thanks Vu Tran :slight_smile: If possible, Can you please help me with my below query as well.

Is it possible to add/customize one extra column while writing our test steps ? Right now we have 2 columns in Test Cases, one is Steps and second is Expected Result and we want to add extra column which can help us to migrate all other test cases easily.

It wouldn’t currently be possible to add another column between Steps and Expected Results. It has been requested before that a third “Data” column be added and we are looking into it. To help us priorities internally I will add a vote for you to this request.

As I don’t have any release date available at this time. Your extra data could be added into one of the existing Step or Expected Result field. Alternatively create another custom field where additional data can be added, although this would only be a single field and not separate fields for each step.