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Can We Have Total % Tested On Test Run Results Page?



Whilst doing a test run it is nice to have the pie chart and percentages on the Test Run Results page. But one thing that is missing is the overall % run. It shows me % untested, but I’d rather not have that extra few seconds of having to do the math myself. Can we just show total % run please? It seems odd that it’s not there anyway as the question I’m always asked by project owner is ’ How much testing has been done?’



+1 vote for me! Just came up in our latest test run that finished last week.
A graphical picture of % Run / Not-Run (or Untested if you prefer) highlights a value that is as important as the %Pass/Fail values - sometimes even more important.

To keep visual distinctive from the pie chart, I suggest 2 bars representing Run/Not-Run Percentages, along with the value (quantity) of tests each bar represents. Could be vertically or horizontally oriented- I really don’t care.


Add my vote to this as well. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to sit down and figure out the math to inform the PM exactly how much has been done


This feature has been asked since 2013, but still not added yet.

Makes me wonder if it will ever be added.
If such a simple feature takes this long since requested and still not added, other more complicated features would probably never be implemented.
Should we start thinking if the cost of TestRail really worth all this hassle?



Yes, it is almost as if sometimes TestRail is not designed by software testers. There are some things missing from TestRail that people who work as testers need every day.