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Can we have common login name for Non QA members


Hi All

I have a 7 member QA team and around 30+ non QA members who like to see visibility of the tests and results directly from JIRA without any interest in using Test Rail. I wanted to know if it is possible to create a single or a handful of user accounts that can be linked to JIRA to see the test cases and results from JIRA using the Test Rail plugin or is it not allowed. Its just that if we have licensing costs for total 40+ users we will have to stick to our old ways of working which is a bit hard for me internally given the amount of overhead to get them to appreciate traceability, send me review comments for test cases or give them real time view of what’s covered whats passed failed etc.

I understand from a pure licensing point of view it does look like i should buy 40+ licenses but if we have no more than 7 active QA users it would be hard to justify additional cost to the management

Sincere Regards


There is a request in the forums to get an account to do what you want. It has not been implemented and not sure it will…