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Can We delete previous test run


I had an instance where I had a test case which I had to run over multiple browsers. When I tested it out successfully on the first browser I changed the status of the test case to passed. But later I realized that I should have passed the test case in test rail after I completed testing it in all the browsers. So I changed the test status to In Progress.

But in the test run if I click on that particular test case I can see the history of the test run i.e passed and then In Progress.

In The Project Dashboard its showing 1 test case Passed 1 test case in Progress which is wrong. It should be only 1 test case in Progress.

Is there any way I can delete the previous test run??



Thanks for your posting. The project overview shows the activity and not the current status, so it’s normal that you see both results/status changes. You can see the current status when viewing the test run (using the pie chart at the top of the screen).

I hope this helps!