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Can we change the order of test cases in a test run?


I am making very satisfactory progress with kicking off maven/webdriver automation via a test run in TestRail and retrieving the results for each test. This is huge and a big step forward from the way I was doing it earlier.

One problem. I’d LOVE to be able to manipulate the order of test cases in a run after selecting them. Is this possible? I realize the ideal in automation is for every test to stand completely alone, but there are times when it would be nice to follow a certain flow and it seems that changing the order of tests in a run shouldn’t be a very tall order (easy for me to say ;)).


I see now that I can change the order in the base test category, and that order seems to be respected when selecting test cases for a run.


Hello Kent,

Thanks for your posting. The test order in the test runs is the same order as for the test cases in the associated test suite. You can simply rearrange test cases via drag & drop on the test suite pages.



simple enough. Nice! Thank you.


Hi Tien,

Glad this helped.