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Can we change labels on standard fields - eg References?



Well our sys admin - aka “nzjourneyman” btw, if he ever posts on this forum :slight_smile: - has now got it all set up nicely, with links back and forth with Redmine stories and bugs. That’s fab… but now I’m getting greedy… it would be clearer to the end users if we could change the label on “References” to “Story Ref” or similar.

Appreciate other set-ups may not want this, but in our situation this would be safe, as it’s the only other cross-ref to be used, as the bug refs are contained in the “Defects” field. (For info to other forum users, Nzjourneyman has fixed up the API so it knows it only is looking for ref IDs in Redmine.)

Is this re-labelling possible please?



Hello Sarah,

Thanks for your posting. While configuring a different label is not directly supported via TestRail’s administration interface, you can override the label via a so called custom translation:

While this is mainly used to translate TestRail to different languages (German, Spanish etc.), it can also be used to customize certain phrases or labels. In your case, you would basically need to create a custom translation and change all references to the References field to “User Story” or similar.

Please let me know in case you have any questions about this.



Thanks Tobias. Our “NZjourneyman” sys admin has set it up - it works great! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, that’s appreciated. :slight_smile: Good to hear that this solution works for you.


Hi, is the functionality of translating sets of text to something else, supported on cloud hosted instances? The link referenced suggests it requires a locally configured one.



Hello Steve,

Thanks for your posting! Custom translations are only supported with TestRail Server. That said, we recently made some system field configurable as well (including the References field) and we would like add support for changing the labels with a future version. Which fields would you like to rename? You can already change the labels for custom fields of course (under Administration > Customizations).

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias, thanks for responding. Both the “References” and “Defects” field labels would be very helpful to change, along with some of the tab names (example: “Test Cases”).

I’ve tried to modify the field labels (under Administration > Customizations), but they appear locked out; mouse-over produces red “no symbol” cursor. Is there something I’m overlooking here?

Alternatively, perhaps a UI script can change the element labels, but something native would be best.



Hi Steve!

The labels for the built-in fields cannot be changed directly currently but it’s already planned to look into this. I’m happy to add your vote to this feature request!



Hi Tobias,

While the above approach worked perfectly for us in TestRail 2.7, as we look to upgrade to 5.2 I can’t seem to get all the mentions of “References” changed to “Requirements”. This is particularly noticeable in the Reports areas, and the resulting reports.

There are some reports in 5.2 that are going to be extremely useful to us, and will significantly reduce our workload, but part of the selling of this to the bosses would be helped if I could get them to read “Requirements” instead of “References”.

What other areas should I look at in TestRail to get the changes implemented or am I missing a trick in the custom translation?



Hi Neil,

Thanks for your posting. A lot has changed since 2.7 but the general concept still applies and you would still be able to change Reference to Requirement via the translation files.

Since the versions are so different, it might make sense to start with the original translation files from 5.2 and then change them as needed. There’s the global translation file (all.php) which applies to most of the UI. In addition to that, each report on the Reports tab has its own translation file (because each report is basically a separate module or plugin and it’s also possible add custom reports).



Thanks Tobias, I’ll give it another go. :slight_smile:



Ah ha, finally tracked down where the relevant php files for the reports were hiding (in plugins - yes I’m a bit slow) and made the necessary changes. All looks great now.

Thanks, as always, for your help, Tobias.



That’s great to hear, Neil :slight_smile: