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Can we able to move Testrun(executed) from one project to another project?


Our case is to move test-run(executed) from one project to another. Because we executed testcases under Project A. But later we realized that creating new project(Project B) would be helpful to execute the testcases differently for that functionality.

Now we want to move the test-run(executed) from Project A to Project B. Is that possible?

We have tried to move the test cases from Project A to Project B. But it affected our testrun as we already executed it in our testrun.


Hi logesh,

Thanks for your posting. You can move test cases to a different suite or project but this would affect all unclosed/active test runs and remove test & results. Moving a run/plan to a different project is not possible and we would recommend closing the run/plan before moving any cases to a different project:



Wondering if this feature (move a Textrun to a different project) has made it into the product?