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Can TestRail report on execution status = In Progress?


Hi there, I’ve searched for previous threads on this,and I found one specifically asking for ‘In Progress’ from July 2012, with the reply saying that execution statuses were going to be reviewed.

So, in 2017, is it possible to report on Execution Status of In Progress please? Like many projects, we have a sizeable proportion of tests that run over a few hours and sometimes days.

I presume I could add it as a custom execution status, not a Final one, and simply set the status to In Progress? And this would then show up in the bar charts, pie charts etc?

However, I also see that In Progress already exists as a column (via Start Progress) so I wondered if I do not actually need to make In Progress a custom value after all?

Many thanks,



Hi Simon,

Thanks for your post! The built-in ‘In Progress’ column would mainly just be used to show when a test is being worked on by another tester, to help prevent multiple testers from running through the same test. We still have plans to provide an ‘In Progress’ or pause option for test cases that would run longer than can be completed in a single session, however we don’t have any specific timeframe/ETA for this just yet. We would generally just recommend creating a custom status for ‘In Progress’ and using this as a status for now, and then you can always override this status with a new result once the test is completed. TestRail would only use the latest status for statistics/reporting, and you would still be able to view the result history to see where the test left off before being marked as ‘In Progress’ (and so that you don’t have to start over from the first step when you pick back up again). Hope this helps!



A year later, is that in a planned backlog? It would be a very useful feature, especially in our more complex end to end scenarios spanning multiple applications.