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Can SmartInspect support Text format log file(with File Protocol)?


Can SmartInspect export the log file as TEXT format(.txt/.log), rather than the SmartInspect special format(*.sil)?
And the content of the log file is only log messages, not included with other information(eg: Processer, Thread data and so on).

Then, users can directly open log file without SmartInspect Console.


Hello visli,

Yes, SmartInspect supports text log files (the ‘text’ log protocol), additional to our rich binary log file format (.sil). SmartInspect’s text logs are specifically designed for end-users and you can configure the format of the individual log messages (for example, to include or exclude fields such as the thread id, process id etc).

We only support log messages in text logs, not the additional log packets supported with .sil files such as process flow data or watches.

I suggest you take a look at the SmartInspect Configuration Builder tool (you can launch this tool directly from the SmartInspect Console’s Tools menu). This tool allows you to conveniently build a connection string and makes it easy to discover all the available options and protocols.

I hope this helps!



Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your reply, SmartInspect is swoonsome! I will spend more time to learn it.