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Can one edit results and add a file other than an image

The testers have submitted results. Now wants to edit as they forgot to attach an Excel or Word file. They can add an image into the comment section but the option to add a file is no longer available. Only option is to resubmit a result and re-enter all the details. If there another option or way to add a file to a submitted result?

There is a site setting that determines how long the test results are editable for up to being always editable. This is in the administration section under Site Settings/User Interface.

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@ghawkes You are correct in your statement, but @idawkrizman has run into the behavior that when you add the overall test result the very first time , the dialog (at the very bottom) allows one to drag/drop files to attach them. Reference this screenshot (taken in FF):

Unfortunately, if one edits the test result, the “Drop file here…” feature is not available; it has disappeared.

SUMMARY: Until TestRail is enhanced, you only get possibility of attaching files when recording the first “Test Result”.

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