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Can one change order of test suites?



Similar to changing the order of cases, can I change order of test suites?
If suites are organized in some logical order then this can make readability much better.



Hello Assaf,

Test suites are currently always displayed in alphabetical order and we recommend having just a few test suites per project (or even using a single test suite). We usually recommend grouping and organizing test cases via sections instead.



Hi Tobias/Assaf,

I’m new to TestRail and still testing it and this post is one of our main problems(the test suite list is becoming too long) we still use the 5.2 version and I’ve noticed in the 5.3 release you posted a new feature:
Sub-milestones as additional unit to structure test runs & plans;
I wonder if this can solve our problem or if Assaf found any workaound since this post.

Thanks in advanced,


Hi Nitzan,

Thank you for your post. This feature would be specifically for your test runs and plans. This would not effect your test suite sorting order. As Tobias mentioned, we normally recommend using a single repository and breaking up your test cases using sections and subsections for different functional areas of your testing.