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Can not Migrate test cases from TestLink to TestRail



I am currently evaluating TestRail and I am trying to migrate my test suites from TestLink to TestRail.
I have used the migration php script mentioned here

and converted my testLink suite xml to test Rail xml format successfully.

The original TestLink xml file and the newly converted TestRail xml file both looks fine to me.
I see Test Title, Test Cases, Test steps,pre-conditions etc as expected.

But when I attempt to import the converted xml to testRail, it gives an error as below -


No title tag found in case


Hence migration is not becoming successful.

Not sure whats wrong as I see title correctly in the converted xml too.

TestRail version:
Test Link version: 1.9.16



Please ignore this
It looks like some issue with TestLink project that I have used,
assume some test didn’t have a title ( though not sure of it)

it looked good when i tried for diff project and suites