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Can not get status of YouTrack issue


I enabled TestRail - Youtrack integration plugin. It can connect to Youtrack, it can push new bugs to Youtrack, links to Youtrack are correct and working when I click on an issue ID.

However when I hover the mouse over a Youtrack issue ID I get the following error:

An Error Occurred
Status missing for defect result of defect plugin "YouTrack".

What am I missing? How can I get a more detailed explanation of the issue?



Hello Patkós,

Thanks for your posting! This means that YouTrack doesn’t return at least one field that TestRail would expect (and is always there in our experience). If you use a local TestRail installation, you can enable debug logging as follows to review the communication between YouTrack and TestRail:

If you are on TestRail Cloud instead, we are happy to look into this on our side if you could send a quick email to our help desk at