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Can more tests be added to existing test runs in an entry of a test plan, via API?


Not sure if this is supported, or otherwise it’s incorrectly done. Basically I need to add more test cases to an existing test plan, which has one entry, which has multiple test runs underneath.

POST update_plan_entry/:plan_id/:entry_id

My request -
POST update_plan_entry/347/dddaed6c-ddde-43bb-88de-e4c441a32b37
include_all: false,
case_ids: [40]

I do get a return of the entry with all the details in it; however the new test case (id = 40 is not listed. Checking in TestRail GUI confirms the new test case (id = 40) is not added to the intended test run.


Hi @vnguyen,

Thanks for your posting! update_plan_entry also supports updating the case selection but please note that this only updates the entry-level case selection. The entry-level case selection applies to all test runs in this entry and has no effect for those runs that override the case selection. For those runs, we would recommend passing the selection as part of the add_plan_entry call instead.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for your reply.

Using add_plan_entry should be straight forward, though we’d prefer to update the existing test runs sitting underneath the entries directly instead, rather than adding a new entry every time. More often than not, we need to update test runs with more new tests on the daily basis.

Please consider to provide the ability to update test runs within entries. I think this is needed for test plans which have multiple entries, and multiple test runs sitting underneath each entry. Much appreciated.

Vincent Nguyen.


Hello Vincent,

Thanks for your feedback. One approach would be to set the final case selection directly via add_plan_entry or add_plan and this also supports different case selections per run/configuration in plan entries. I know that this isn’t always possible (e.g. with highly dynamic test runs) but this would be a good approach for test runs with a static case selection.

update_plan_entry already has support for updating the case selection for the entry and this also updates the case selection of the runs/configuration in this entry unless the runs/configurations override the case selection. Do you use different case selections per run/configuration in the plan entries? It’s already planned to add support for updating the case selection in this case as well and I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request.



Hi Tobias,

Unfortunately our test plan is highly dynamic (ie. tests are being added to it pretty much on a daily basic). Thanks for your suggestion though.

Re the current support of update_plan_entry: we have multiple test runs/configuration under each entry; tests in each test run can be identical / completely different.



Thanks, Vincent. We are happy to look into this for a future version. As a workaround in the meantime, you can also look into managing your test runs with separate test plan entries (e.g. one run per entry) and you can change the case selection via update_plan_entry.




Any update on this feature?
Is this already supported in TestRail?
We also looking forward to have that possibility to add new test case to existing test plan with configurations.