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Can I use Milestones for granular week by week Test Run planning?


We have a Test Plan / Test Run with 50 tests in it.

We have planned to run 10 tests a week = 5 weeks

Week 1 on target 10 run
Week 2 we only achieve 5 tests
We will now either need to squeeze more into the remaining weeks or extend by a week

I could track this is a separate tool i.e. spreadsheet
But wondering if I can use Milestones,
So I create Milestone, Week 1, Week 2 etc.
Assign the tests to a milestone

If at the end of week 2 we miss a milestone for 5
Could I edit the remaining milestones and add an extra.
All from within the same plan?

Or could I do something in Reporting?
We haven’t added Estimates to the Test Cases, however we could do if this helps



Hi Stuart,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, you can use milestones to manage this and this is the recommended approach. One approach that’s now commonly used (with TR 5.3 introducing support for sub-milestones), is to use sub-milestones to manage shorter test cycles such as iterations or sprints and use regular/root-level milestones to group those sub-milestones (e.g. into releases or major milestones). Sub-milestones were introduced with TR 5.3:

You can follow the progress for sub-milestones and overall progress for the parent milestone on the Progress page per milestone: