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Can I update the already existing issue through th TestRail?


Dear Gurock Team!

Is there any possibility to update the already existing issue via TR?
We have a lot of automated tests, which are runned by jenkins, posting issues to the JIRA and marks them in TestRail as passed/failed.

Our engineers usually need to add some comments, link it to something and etc.

Is there any way to update the already existing issue via TestRail and not to create sub-task or the new one?

Best wishes,


Hello Denys,

Thanks for your posting! The Push integration “only” adds new issues but you can push new issues as sub-task to the existing issue. I see that this is not your preferred option and I would recommend updating the issue directly in JIRA in this case. You can conveniently jump to the issue in JIRA by clicking on the issue ID in TestRail (or when hovering over the issue ID, then click the issue ID link).