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Can I trigger a report straight from an automated test run?


Hello, we are using the TestRail API to post our integration test run results. We’d like this to then automatically trigger a Run report that we can put it on our scrum team monitors - mainly Summary info and a list of the Failed tests.

These tests will run several times a day, so we’d like TestRail to automatically generate each report so we can keep our monitor and our team up to date and in the know!

Can this be done? I hoped this would be possible via the API but I haven’f found anything on Reports in the API documentation??

Many thanks :sunny:


Hello, what does it mean when this post is greyed out in the list of discussions - is that because i’m the original author?? Anyway, I’m hoping someone could kindly respond!


Unfortunately - at this time the API can’t run a report:

Their API features are well documented so if it is not mentioned - very unlikely to be included.

A greyed out thread means it has been read and there are no new replies. It changes once a reply has been made. Since you created the thread - you also ‘read’ it as well.


@BGanger, thanks for the reply, thanks for the info re my greyed-out post, and thanks for the confirmation on the API not having reporting functionality. Shame though :frowning: