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Can I require a field like elapsed time to be filled out during statusing a test case

I am interested in gathering detailed information on execution time of a test case and would like to require the field to be filled out when a tester status’ test case. Currently, I don’t see a way to do that. Are there any global settings I could enable to require that field in statusing the case?

Hi Neo,
I guess you request a functionality like described at “Tracking test results” at

Right now I don’t have access to an installation, but as far as I remember this feature is activated by default. Probably it has been removed by your admin!!! I did the same in the past to avoid any discussion of tracking peoples work…

To be sure:
This is for the entity “test”, the entity “test case” is just the description and can’t be executed.

I hope I got your point correctly…


So, for a test case when I status it with passed…I would like to also require the user to add a elapsed time value as well before allowing the status to be “completed”.

Welcome to the club: Whenever people start adding their own fields, they want to have dependencies between them…

If there was no change in the last month, TestRail doesn’t support this out-of-the-box. The usual answer on this request is to use UI-Scripting. Check the Forum for older posts. There are a lot of request and answers regarding this topic, as far as I remember espcially also for the “Add Result” dialog.

e.g. check this:

Ok, I will take a look.